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Toyama Castle Park
Located in the centre of Toyama City, Toyama Castle Park offers a striking view of the moat and tower of Toyama Castle, surrounded by lush greenery. Toyama Castle Park is a popular relaxation spot for locals, and is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms, with throngs of people visiting in spring to admire the reflection of the flowers on the water of the moat.
Toyama Glass Art Museum
The Toyama Glass Art Museum is located in the center of Toyama City. Built by Kengo Kuma, a world-class architect, the museum is located in Toyama Kirari, a multipurpose building that includes a library. Toyama Kirari is built with a combination of granite, glass, and aluminum: a combination of different materials making the facade reminiscent of the Tateyama Mountain Range. Inside, the building features louver flaps made of Toyama-sourced wood to create a warm yet spacious interior.
Ikeda Yasubei Shoten Co., Ltd. (Traditional Japanese Chemist)
Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a fragrance of traditional medicine that can only be found in an old shop. The shelves are filled with Japanese and Chinese medicines. You can also try your hand at making your own traditional Toyama pills – an experience that is not possible anywhere else in Japan! Make sure you also try a meal at Kenkozen Yakuto, a restaurant on the first floor serving delicious cuisine made with medicinal herbs.
Minamoto Co., Ltd. Trout Sushi Museum
Experience the 300 years of history behind the techniques and traditions of Toyama’s trout sushi. The Trout Sushi Museum shows you the techniques of the seasoned sushi makers and the time-honoured process by which the sushi is made. You can also watch a video on a giant projector screen, enjoy a multi-dish meal with delicious Toyama seafood and mountain vegetables at the rest house, and buy Toyama specialties in the souvenir area. You can even make your own trout sushi!
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